• 03.03.2016


    new strings

    For "Capriccio" harpsichords are needed for the Opera "Theater an der Wien". A challenge that Florian was happy to accept. You cannot play on it, but it almost looks like the real thing!

    On April 18 this opera celebrates Premiere. 

  • 03.03.2016

    Der Liebestrank (The Elixier of Love)

    Oper im Steinbruch (Opera At The Quarry)

    This year, the love potion is played. An oversized jukebox is a central element of the stage design. The stage designer Raimund Bauer shows the jukebox as the symbol of the dream of the 1950s, the hopes which take place in the people involved. It will be interesting. With us the preparations already run at the premiere on July 6.

  • 03.03.2016



    at the "Linzer Designcenter" the meeting of the Post Team finds place. We designed the entrance portal and supplied the decorations and furmitures.

  • 25.09.2015

    Village Community Breitenfurt

    Stage Equipment

    The motto of the village community in Breitenfurt is: "Strengthen individuals, win together." We built a stage for the community to support this motto, and provide the opportunity for individuals to be in the spotlight.

    It allows members of the community the have the possibility to take part in theatrical and musical performances and to present dance performances in the auditorium. Now creative performances are possible!

    Photos: Florian Grassecker | Christian Ritter

  • 13.09.2015

    Vienna Research Festival


    Come on in! All ages walked by the wall built by Winter Art service Entrance Arches on the way to research Festival Vienna, on September 12th and 13th .

    For the fourth time both children and adults had the opportunity to pursue their quest for knowledge and participate in lectures and workshops in the small world of research in the Kettenbrückengasse.

    Photos: Florian Grassecker

  • 10.09.2015

    3D Fonts


    Out of an alphabet soup: vivid 3D fonts.

    Typographic decorative elements convey a feeling of spaciousness and give the environment a creative atmosphere. Therefore, at an event at the Hilton, the 3D font of Autonomic provided  both decoration and advertising.



  • 22.09.2015

    The Nose

    Stage - September 22, 2015 Premiere

    As the new Vienna Opera was already busily rehearsing, our workshops were  enthusiastically creating the stage design for the Opera (with 3 Acts) by Frank Fellmann.

    As with any set, the backdrop for "The Nose" also needed a substructure built before the artistic final work could begin.

  • 06.08.2015

    jOPERA - Der Freischütz

    Stage - September 2015 6. Release

    The center stage piece for the opera "Der Freischütz" at the Festival Summer Jennersdorf; a  tree, nearly eight-meter-high, has its roots in our workshops.

    Franz Cerni, was given the task of designing  the stage again this year. He gives the palace courtyard a dreary war-torn touch. The stage is set for an open air summer opera at Castle Tabor in southern Burgenland.

    Photos: Winter Artservice | FotoSos | Jean Van Luelik

  • 14.07.2015

    Fäden der Macht (Strings of Power) Exhibition

    Opening July 14, 2015

    In the 16th Century, Tapestries were a symbol of power and representation of high regard. We built substructures for these precious works in the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna. The showcases and presentation areas for documentation as well as illuminated presentation boards give information about the "strings of power." The simple wooden substructures we created give the luxurious fabrics the ideal presentation within the space.

    Photos: Florian Grassecker/ KHM